Ok so this is actually a random Waldorf classroom in Germany somewhere - but you get the idea ;)

Ok so this is actually a random Waldorf classroom in Germany somewhere - but you get the idea ;)


You are valued.

So, here at SoulFire, we get it. We are moms, dads, aunties, uncles, and friends. We know that as amazing as our little ones are, sometimes you just. need. a. BREAK. Some time to yourself to work out, take a sauna, take a shower, grab a cub of coffee or even a beer with your partner or best friend. Or alone. Because that is awesome sometimes, too. And we also know that sometimes logistics can make it more stressful to find childcare than just slog through the day with little ones in tow. Well, we want to change that.

Initially, our childcare is open to those that are taking classes at the studio, so you can take advantage of our incredible new amenities (hello, sauna!) while we watch your babe. And, within a year, we want this two-hour drop-off service to be available to any parent that needs a minute to take a walk, run an errand or two, or just sit quietly with a hot cup of tea.

We’ve got the skills.

Michelle, owner of SoulFire, was actually a teacher in the years before deciding to combine all of her loves in this studio. With a Master’s Degree in Education, experience in both Waldorf and traditional classrooms, and a little girl of her own, she knows what she’s doing.

As Einstein said, “play is the most important form of research,” and we plan on building quite the research laboratory. But, she also believes that it takes a village — and with many little people we’ll need many hands to help — that’s why the studio is offering a limited number of work-trade positions available for those who want to take advantage of our classes, but don’t have the funds. All of these volunteers are background-checked and fingerprinted, certified in first aid and CPR, and trained in basic safety procedures in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, they will always operated under the supervision of a licensed professional. So you can take care of you while trusting that your little ones are not only safe, but having fun and learning through play!

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